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Gamification How To

Gamification is a way to have a little fun while participating in ASPR activities.  It provides you with an incentive to do many of the things you are already doing as a member of ASPR as well as some of the things we'd love to you see you do even more of! You will receive points for participating in activities such as referring a new member, updating your profile, attending a webinar, or attending the annual conference. The tracking happens automatically so there is nothing special you have to do to participate. You will accumulate points and advance through the different levels just by taking advantage of your member benefits.

Gamification Levels

  • Rising Star - 10 points
  • Bronze - 25 points
  • Silver - 35 points
  • Gold - 50 points
  • Platinum - 75 points
  • Jade - 100 points
  • Sapphire - 150 points
  • Emerald - 250 points
  • Topaz  - 350 points
  • Ruby - 500 points
  • Diamond  - 1000 points

How to Earn Points

You will receive points for the following activities:


Log in to your ASPR Profile

Open an ASPR email

Rate a Forum post

Post a question or comment to a Forum

Register for a webinar or conference

Attend a webinar or conference

Refer a new member

Upload photos to a gallery

Create a new Connection

Add a social network


Your Scoreboard

You will be able to track your gamification progress in your Member Profile. On your Member Profile Home Page, you will see Gamification Scoreboard under your profile picture which will tell you what level you are at.  Have fun!

To prevent the progress bar from showing up on all pages, go to Preferences and uncheck "Gamification Scoreboard - Show progress bar all the time."

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