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Professional Development How To
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ASPR's website offers you the ability to track your Continuing Education credits in your member profile. After you attend an ASPR hosted event, your credits are automatically entered for you into the Professional Development module located in your profile. You also have the ability to enter non-ASPR Continuing Education credits into this module. This system can be used to verify your credits toward FASPR Recertification.

Getting Started

  • To access the Professional Development portal, simply log in to the ASPR website. You may log in from the home page or at the top or sidebar of every page.
  • Once you are logged in, go to the Manage Profile section on the right side of the screen under "My Profile" 
  • From here, select Professional Development.

View Your ASPR Credits

  • Once you are in the Professional Development area, you will see a listing of all sessions that have been recorded for credit with ASPR. This section is sortable by several different criteria, including name, activity date, and type. If there are any discrepancies on this list with ASPR events that you believe you have attended, please contact the ASPR office.

  • Print a Transcript: In addition to being able to view the sessions for which you have received credit, you may print or email a complete transcript. This transcript will show a cumulative record of any credits earned.
  • Please note: This transcript is for reference purposes only and does not serve as an official transcript in any capacity whatsoever. Depending on the number of sessions included in the transcript, downloading this document can take some time.

Adding Credits From Non-ASPR Programs

  • To add Continuing Education credit obtained from non-ASPR programs, simply click on the Add Entry link.
  • Please note: Do not use this link for any ASPR events. If you attended an ASPR event and it is not visible in your listing of credits, please contact the ASPR office.

  • Once you click on the Add Entry link, you will see a pop-up screen that will ask you to enter several items. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.
    • Is this entry for a Certificate or Program? - Always leave this as “yes.”
    • Certification/Program - Select “Continuing Education Credits.”
    • Credit Type - There are several types listed. Select the most appropriate credit type from the drop-down menu. For example, if the event you attended was a regional conference, you would select "CEU-Regional." Please note: The only credits that you should be adding are non-ASPR credits. All ASPR events are added automatically. You should never need to use the ASPR credit types.
    • Entry Date - Enter the date the event occurred.
    • Description - Please include a brief description of the event or program.
    • Credits - Please input the total number of credits received at the event you attended. One credit equals one full hour of professional development.
    • Credits Expire - Please list the expiration date of credits you received. If there is no expiration date, please enter a date that is three years from the date the event was held. Due to Fellowship Recertification requirements, all CE credits are set to expire in three years. The credits will remain in your Professional Development listings, but won’t be used towards Fellowship Recertification if applicable.
    • Score - enter your score, if applicable.
    • Activity Code- If your event includes an activity code, include it here. If there wasn't one included, please use the date you achieved the credit (example: 2014-02-05).
    • Attachments- Upload your proof of attendance here. This can include a certificate of participation or an agenda from the event. Acceptable file types are .doc, .docx and .pdf.
    • Submit - After all of these items have been entered, select Submit. The event should then be included in your Professional Development listing (you may have to refresh your screen for it to appear).

Printing Your Fellowship Certificate

  • To print your Fellowship Certificate, select the Certifications/Programs tab.
  • Select the icon next to ASPR Fellow Certification (FASPR).
  • Select Print in the dialog box that appears.
  • Please note: If you have obtained general ASPR credits, the status may show as Incomplete. This does not refer to your original certification or recertificaiton status. It shows up this way due to required programming in the system. If you have questions about any of your Continuing Education Credits, please contact the ASPR office.

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