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ASPR Staff
Carey Goryl

Carey Goryl, MSW, CAE | 651-265-7851 |
[Executive Director]
Carey works closely with the Board of Directors in the development and implementation of the strategic plan for continued growth and mission alignment. She also oversees day to day operations. Carey shares many duties with the Board President to maintain a standard of excellent governance, act as the spokesperson for ASPR, and further develop relationships with corporate contributors.

Susan Motley

Susan Motley | 651-379-7295 |
[Deputy Director]
With fifteen years of association leadership experience, Susan has a passion for mission-driven organizations. Her prior experience includes CEO of the Virginia Nurses Association and Executive Director of the Medical Society of Virginia Foundation. Collaborating with nurse and physician leaders, Susan developed a nationally recognized clinical team leadership program that brings together interprofessional health care providers around a common language of population health and team dynamics. Susan enjoys digging into the complexity of health policy and offering solutions to the challenges healthcare leaders face.

A Certified Non-Profit Association Executive, (CAE), Susan is a graduate of The College of William and Mary.

Jason Acord

Jason Acord | 651-366-6088 |
[Membership, Resource Library Support]
Jason staffs the membership and resource library committees and is the staff member responsible for overseeing the management of membership renewal and recruitment activities.

Jeanne DeMartino

Jeanne DeMartino | 651-290-7460 |
[Member Services]
Jeanne handles data entry and management of member data.

Amanda Ewald

Amanda Ewald | 651-290-7476 |
Amanda processes accounts receivable and accounts-payable, prepares monthly financial statements and handles financial compliance issues for ASPR.

Sarah Ewald

Sarah Ewald | 651-379-7301 |
[Corporate Contributors]
Sarah provides support around the corporate contributor renewal process.  Sarah is reaching out to corporate contributors that are coming up on their renewal dates and also reaches out to potential advertisers for JASPR.

Bridget Fox

Bridget Fox | 651-265-7855 |
Bridget is an event coordinator for ASPR. She works with Allison on activities related to the annual conference.

Jessica Gill

Jessica Gill | 651-294-9047 |
[Benchmarking, Fellowship, Chapter/Regional Relations & Web Support]
Jessica provides support for several ASPR committees including: website, benchmarking and fellowship. She assists in making changes to the ASPR website and also assists on other technical matters.

Kate-Madonna Hindes

Kate-Madonna Hines | 612-501-8159 |
[Social Media & JASPR]
Kate-Madonna provides support and content for social media and helps the JASPR editor with content and editing.

Whitney Murray

Whitney Murray | 651-379-7293 |
Whitney is the staff member responsible for overseeing the management of membership renewal and recruitment activities.

Kathie Pugaczewski

Kathie Pugaczewski, CAE, CMP | 651-265-7859 |
The events, communications and member services departments report to Kathie and she is responsible for making sure that all activities that should be fulfilled by those departments for ASPR are conducted properly and on time. She also oversees a variety of technical related issues.

Sue Yoemans

Sue Yoemans | 651-366-6092 |
[Web, Journal & Marketing Support]
Sue provides support for website, journal, and marketing.  She is heavily involved with the annual conference preparation.

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